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Cloudwords provides a set of Restful APIs and associated language SDKs from two perspectives:

Customer API : Restful APIs to enable creation of translation projects, manage translation memory, manage accounts, departments and users, etc.

Vendor API : Restful APIs to enable language service providers or translators to bid on projects, download required to translate the assets in a project such as translation memory, glossary and XLIFF files, change orders, etc.

Cloudwords Open API

Get started today with our API for translation customers and vendors.

Quick Start Guide Customer API Docs Vendor API Docs

Learn and Play

API Explorer : Allows to easily test the APIs and see the JSON responses directly via the browser.
API Tutorial : Get Started with the API tutorial to get familiar with the APIs.

API Explorer API Tutorial in Java

Cloudwords CLI for Application Developers

Cloudwords provides a powerful command line interface that makes it easy for developers to get content translated.

Quick Start Guide